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Professional Wedding Photographer - Petya Tabakova

My name is Petya Tabakova and I'm a professional photographer by vocation

I put my whole heart and soul back when I'm behind the lens. From the moment I first touched photography, it became a way of thinking and a way of life for me.

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                In the summer of 2018. I managed to capture my 100th wedding and my first wedding outside Bulgaria at Chateau D'ars Castle, Chateau, France. It was attended by guests from all over the world - England, Brazil, America, the Czech Republic, Germany, etc. This was a real oversight, for which besides my photographic skills helped me to talk with them in English.

Wedding, child, family and portrait photography are a major part of my life.

For one year, I manage to capture over 140 different events, capturing the precious moments and emotions for you that bring beautiful and unforgettable memories.

                I am happy because photography gives me the opportunity to experience with you some of the most exciting days in your life and so to write your story together. And you can be sure that by becoming a part of your story, I will experience some of the same emotions that you feel as well.

                I live in Pavlikeni, but the main location of my work is where you are. I travel all over the country, mainly in Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi, Elena, Tryavna, Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Nessebar, Kardjali, etc. and why not outside of Bulgaria.

                The biggest prize and the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure is to bring you joy, dear friends, sealing your most intimate moments, keeping the memory for generations ...

                If you, dear reader, you do not know me and no one has told you anything yet about me .... look at my picture !!! I am the same as you, but I keep the camera well!

                P.S. Here is where I want to thank everyone who has trusted me over the past few years, whom I can now boldly call friends. Without you and without the support of my relatives, I would not have the chance to never work!