Petya & Rostislav

Wedding Photography is a responsible task as wedding day is one of the most important in life. The day when two people decide to bind their destinies to become one. From that moment on, the concepts "me" and "you" become "we" and a new, common path begins for you.

You should never forget what brings you together, namely the strong love of you. Take care of her. Make an effort to save it,to warm your hearts forever.

Forgive yourself. Make small gestures to each other - they are actually the most valuable.

And one day, when a child's laugh make resound your home, it will make sense of your life.

When you tell your "YES" to all, when you are overflowing with emotions, and the tears of happiness glow in your eyes - these moments are worth being sealed.

By capturing your wedding day, I store your experiences. I know that the pictures of this will be on the walls of your home for many years, so I'm trying to offer the most beautiful and exciting coverage of these happy moments. Looking at them, they will always return you to the most exciting day in your life - your wedding!