The photographer - who gives us memories

Petya Tabakova is a young photographer from the town of Pavlikeni. She is one of the people gifted with the ability to see the beautiful, interesting and unusual in the world around us. People's faces and the emotions expressed on them cause her to focus the lens on her camera and memorize them forever. Mrs. Petya Tabakova tells Daniel Ivanov, a reporter of a school newspaper of Sofia University "Bacho Kiro", more about his great love-photography and gave some tips to those who make their first steps in the world of this fascinating art.

D.I. When and how did you start doing photography?
P.T. In autumn 2011 I bought the first photo camera. At the beginning, as I met his parameters, I took pictures of things at home, read and viewed many photos. Then I started taking photo sessions of friends and not long after a lot of people showed interest in my work.

D.I. What does photography give you as an emotion and experience?
P.T. Enjoy! Satisfaction when the result is good and a quest for improvement when the result is mediocre.

D.I. Is it expensive the photography hobby?
P.T. They say the best things in life are either illegal, or forbidden, or they fill up. I would add - and often expensive. So is with photography. Typically, things start with a simple "beginner" camera or even a smartphone. The moment you realize that photography gives you real pleasure, sooner or later you will get the idea of ​​buying your first digital camera, then the lenses, the accessories ... and what not!

D.I. What are you most often targeting the focus on your camera?
P.T. I like to shoot mostly people, capturing moments and emotions that mean a lot to them. These are shots that bring wonderful and invaluable memories. Photography allows me to be with them on some of the happiest days in their lives, to feel their stories and to experience some of the same emotions they feel.

D.I. What would the novice photographer advise?
P.T. Watch - to become a good photographer, you have to learn to notice beautiful, unusual and interesting things!

D.I. What is your favorite picture?

P.T. From every event I take, I have my favorite pictures. To make it easier for me, I'll show you a photo from the wedding I shot soon!

D.I. What would you say in conclusion?
P.T. The photographer's path is a path of continuous improvement, an endless string of samples and mistakes. With each successive frame you will learn something new - about your camera, the light, about yourself and about art in its entirety. Never stop learning and never miss the chance to learn something new.