Future Brides, this article is all about you. I hope the writing I wrote will be useful to you. I start on the merits

Months Before Wedding ...

Once you have said "Yes", the next step is to organize the "most important" day - your wedding! In order to be able to write your story, it is necessary to start early with the preparations. Namely:

  1. Select a wedding date, take a photographer, a video operator, a host, a DJ, and a wedding agency. Meet each of them, share your ideas, listen to their tips, and record their phones. Before the wedding, talk to them about the details so you do not have to do it during the celebration.



         2. Save hours for civil and church marriage. Here you can consult the photographer or video operator. These are the people               who attend more than 30 weddings per year and can draw up a schedule for the wedding by hours.

         3. Make a guideline list of guests you want to invite;

         4. Choose a restaurant based on the number of guests. With the expected number of guests 100, the selected restaurant                     should have a capacity of at least 100 seats, but not more than 130-140 seats ... otherwise it would be empty. If you stop at               a wedding party outdoors, it is good to ask if in bad weather you can move the wedding party to the closed hall. Take a                     look  at the sunlight. If the place is too sunny in the time zone of the celebration, it can also create discomfort.

          5. Choose invitations for the wedding day - It is very convenient for all guests, especially for those who are away, the                            invitation is in the form of a schedule - when, where and what will happen.

The day before the wedding day ...

  1. Prepare the papers for the ritual room and those for the church and give them to the person in charge of storage;
  2. Prepare everything you need (cups, rings, champagne, goblet, bread, etc.) in two places - one for the ritual room and the other for the church;
  3. Prepare a low bridal shoes, as bridal shoes often cause discomfort and the dance will be all evening. For the bridegroom, a second shirt, since it's summer, it's warm and ... there'll be dancing all night.


On the wedding day ...

  1. Sleep well - The excitement of the upcoming wedding is really great. The night before the wedding in your head will surely rotate every thought of the day ahead. Lie down in normal time. Try it! It's a long and very emotional day - you have to be fresh.
  2. Have a good breakfast - Dance and photos do not leave much time for food, and you will need energy. So, eat breakfast!
  3. Give yourself time to dress - You do not want extra stress in a hurry. That's why it's nice to have enough time between making make-up and haircut and dressing the wedding dress. So you can relax a bit and enjoy the moment with family and friends.
  4. Give the photographer and the video operator time to shoot the bride's preparation, to make footage with the closest relatives.
  5. Choose a person, one in the bride and groom to hang the guests with buttonholes.
  6. Stealing the Bride - This is a very entertaining Bulgarian tradition related to climbing stairs, broken doors, narrow corridors and gathering many people in a small apartment. Adding to this, stealing is happening at noon - all are pouring water. To avoid this time ask some of the guests to stay outside and let air conditioners in the apartment.
  7. Receiving congratulations and gifts on the tables - This is the moment when the newlyweds go to the tables for each guest separately, to pick up their glasses, their relatives and friends to send their greetings to them and to give their presents. Usually this happens when the party is at its peak - music is reduced and in the next hour everyone stays in place and is waiting for his turn. It takes too much time (paid for restaurant, DJ, photographer and video operator) and the degree of mood falls. In fact, this part of the wedding party can go a little differently to make it more comfortable for everyone. My suggestions for the following:

           - welcome drink - Guests still gather, take a glass of champagne in hand, pass and give their presents to the young family;

          - at the entrance of the restaurant, the young family welcomes guests, receives congratulations and presents from them, then everyone takes their place in the restaurant and has fun all night.

In this way, due attention is paid and respect for each guest without the "big" pause during the coupon.

After the wedding day ...

Take a good break, go to a honeymoon, and then return thanks to the people who helped your tale become a reality!


Finally, I want to tell you that there is nothing at weddings, whatever the speaker, the manager of the restaurant, the parents, etc. Organize it so that you feel comfortable and do not burden yourself with traditions that are of no value to you .